Homem branco de barba e apontando pra si mesmo White man pointing to himself

For me, the worst feeling is the prideness. All the other bad ones come from it, because it's the anti-love, the opposit of giving. It's someone who doesn't care about others, who keeps looking at its own reality without realizing that, beyond what you can see, there are many other ways of thinking and acting.
Everybody has some of it inside. Some people, however, get to the point of loving more their own prideness than whoever is around them. That is really sad to realize, especially because we live in the information and technology era, and people are getting more depersonalized and rejecting interactions with others. In the meantime, feelings like prideness become more and more common, just like selfishness.
During college I had Ethics classes and I had a test where I had to say what spoils our society. One of the authors that I read said exactly what I'm saying. If we think about it, the world is evolving technologically, but it's forgetting to improve the ethical-moral issue, that one that is about values like forgiveness and solidarity.
Maybe this post is kind of melancholic, but I think it's indispensable saying this type of truth. There's still time to make this world better.

"The present is so large, let’s not stray far.
Let’s stay together and go hand in hand"


Prideness - Text published in my old blog Blog da Lívia Lamblet

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