Lívia Lamblet

Hello! My name is Lívia Lamblet Heatherly and I'm an Artist, Journalist, Writer, Content Creator, Podcaster, Mom and Immigrant. Click hereto check my Artwork Portfolio
. Eu segurando meu quadro da Ministra Sônia Guajajara
Last year I joined the Art world and now I'm a member of Clements Noyes Art Gallery in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, where I live. I have online painting classes with my Brazilian teacher Roberto D’Albuquerque and I'm always trying new techniques to improve my skills. I started using acrylic paint, but I really found myself in oil painting, and I really like creating artwork based on social causes to make people think about it.

As a good Writer, my art pieces need a background storytelling. So I write about them on my blog and my creative process. I also write there about my thoughts about the world and current affairs.

About me, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and my first language is Portuguese. I have a 8 years old daughter, Lucia, a cat called Leopoldo and a dog called Caramel. I'm married to Tom, who was born in the USA and I moved here to live our love story. I talk about us in this video on my YouTube channel. (in Portuguese).

I graduated as a Journalist in Brazil in 2010 and I published my last project as a book. Click to see my book: The influence of new technologies in human communication (in Portuguese).The book is about how the human beings, by creating technologies to comunicate with each other, shaped the society as it is now.

I worked many years as a Social Media Marketer and I had all kinds of clients, like Eduardo Paes, mayor of Rio de Janeiro. I also worked at the main TV station in Brazil, Globo, and I worked with a Brazilian youtuber. In the USA I worked for a wedding agency and I post at Noyes Art Gallery's social media.

I've been a Content Creator since 2002. I had all kinds of blogs in different platforms and a Facebook page for people who work with Social Media called Analista de Mídias Sociais da Depressão (Depressive Social Media Analyst, in English).

I have two podcasts, Criador & Criatura and Postei e saí correndo. In the first one I interview content creators and we talk about the good and bad parts of having this kind of job. In the secind one, with a co-host friend, guests tell us the most curious, funny and absurd stories they lived in the Brazilian internet.

My personal social medias profiles are @livialamblet and I post about my daily life and my thoughts. My artistic social media profiles are @artesdalivialamblet.

Welcome to my world!