Surpassing the wall

Muro preto black wall

Sometimes we lift a wall around ourselves to prevent the illness from society to reach us. However, they are necessary to make the fortress stronger and able to be constructed again with better material if it is attacked. There's the need of not being self centered and and look around to find what is best for you: the best pieces, neighbours who can help you, the best workers.
The world may not be the best place to be, but we still need to be in it. Occasionally, pain and suffering can make us forget the main reason of being here. When it happens, it's mandatory looking inside and noticing that you're not alone.
These last days I lost my heart. I can't say that I found it or that things got better. Nothing changed, but I realized that there's no use for whining or thinking that my life is over.I'm here to get the best that life has to offer to me. At the same time, I'll help people who need me and I'll try to make their lives a little better.

Surpassing the wall - text published in my old blog Blog da Lívia Lamblet

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