Life is made of cycles

Releitura do destaque em preto e branco dos olhos da Medusa, pintura de Caravaggio

When I started my professional life I decided studying Fashion because I have always loved drawing and art. At the same time I did some free courses and learned some techniques during the few semesters that I was there. I had to stop because since I'm 16 years old I have a disease - that I never got a precise diagnosis - that limits my movements and dicreses my immune system.

Then I started my career in Journalism. Writing has always been one of my passions and I think it's a safe place for me. I had the opportunity of working in many interesting places (like the internship in TV Rocinha and Globo TV channel). That opened me to a lot of new great people (not all of them). I published my last college project as a book and I'm really proud of this. Besides, I still want to write other projects that I have and publish them as books.

Yet, art has always been there, deep inside my heart, calling me. I remember seeing art material and it was hard resisting to the impulse of buying it.

Last Christmas my husband gave me a table easel, acrylic paints, brushes, a knife and painting spatula set. I thought: "it's now or never".

Pintura em acrílico sobre tela. Anoitecer com a lua sobre um lago
You can see my first painting above. It's a nightfall on a lake. I see the lame touches, but they had a purpose. There was something there, that would get better with some refinement.

This June I went to Brazil - I live in the USA - and I started having drawing and painting classes at Estúdio Casarão, a cultural center that mixes art and tattoos that my cousins opened in Niterói, next to Rio de Janeiro, the city where I grew up in. I came back to the US and I didn't stop having classes. Once you open it, you can't close the Pandora's box anymore.

Releitura do destaque em preto e branco dos olhos da Medusa, pintura de Caravaggio
My version in black and white of a part of one of Caravaggio's painting: Medusa. Oil on canvas.

This secong image is an emphasis in black and white of the Medusa's eyes, originally painted by Caravaggio. Through my teacher Roberto D’Albuquerque I have been improving more and starting to be a professional.

I recognize that I have privileges when I think that I can study what I love. We live in a society where people need to figure things out to survive, but thankfully I have my brother helping me. Unfortunatelly most people can't pay for their dreams.

However, if somehow someone can help you to get better in something that you really love, go for it. Don't give up. We live in a world that trims our aspirations. It's up to us keeping them growing.

This post is not to say that life is easy or that all our wishes will come true, but we can't just vanish them. Getting in contact with things that motivates us makes our reality smoother. There's still hope for our dreams.

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