Does the ick feeling ever go away?

Everyone has already felt the ick feeling about somebody for the smallest thing or something very bad that the person has done to you. The question is, in some point we all dislike someone for no reason (or not). I wonder if the ick feeling stays forever. And more: I wonder it if it has to be forever.

Today I was wathing a videocast and I really dislike the guests who where being interviewed. Is it for no reason? No. Yet, I wondered if those people are that bad or if they just had some bad attitudes that made me disgust them. I ended up believing that they act like anybody else, and even though I don't like them that I need to be the ick feeling per se.

By the way, what is the definition of the ick feeling?

I googled it and this is what I found:

used to express disgust at something unpleasant or offensive
The ick is a term used in dating to refer to a sudden feeling of disgust or repulsion to a dating partner someone was previously attracted to.

I got a little shocked with the meaning of it. It's hard saying that you feel repulsion to someone.

My point is: is really necessary having this feeling if the person never did anything to you? Writing, saying or acting in a way that you don't agree with doesnt't mean that you need to have negative feelings towards someone. What if t we project in someone the way we would like to be?

Yes, I said that!

Reality is, most of the times we project the negative feelings towards someone we would like to be. The discomfort that we feel when people are flashy or have the guts of being themselves say a lot more about us than about the one who is bothered.

What's the problem with someone who likes to show her body? What's the problem with having colored hair? What's the problem with being vegetarian?

What does it say about you?

If the ick that you feel for a person is due to what they are, then you need to work on yourself. If the person didn't do anything to you, you are looking at her with your eyes. It doesn't mean that what they do is wrong, but your expectations towards this person are about I, not theirs.

Saying that, the question now is asking yourself: do I really want the whole world to act the way I want? If the answer is yes, then you need to stop being self-centered, because the world doesn't spin around you. If the answer is negative, then why do you still have this feeling?

This post is not about solving your problems or stop the negative feelings you may have, but helping you to understand why it exists. There are wonderful people around us and we don't give them the chance to show who they are - and I do that too. I also feel the ick for some people and I wonder if one day I'll stop feeling like this.

If you think about it, question yourself if you want to keep feeling like this. Removing these bad thoughts make us lighter, especially because in a way we get rid of the person by not feeling anything anymore. Being paralized with the ick feeling will make us prisoners of each other.

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