Turning 40 years old

Eu aos 40 anos, com o cabelo enrolado e batom vermelho

Turning 40 years old is crazy. It seems like yesterday when I was 17 and I had a whole world full of dreams for my future. I dreamed about studying Fashion Design and becoming a famous stylist, but the arthritis stopped me and I couldn't go forward when I was 20. So, I closed my artistic side all this time.

Turning 30 years old really scared me, but I'm embracing my 40s with all my love, because I know that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. Everything fits perfectly and I'm sure that the 17 years old Lívia is really proud of the woman that I became. Life takes us through unexpected ways, but it's generous when we don't give up on our convictions. And this Aries girl here never gave up.

Being part of an art gallery and being able to create is where I always wanted to be. I really respect my story, because without it I wouldn't have published my book, I wouldn't have created my beautiful family, I wouldn't had have the courage to restart a new life in a different country.

I look to the future and I know there's something wonderful waiting for me, because I planted the seeds to harvest the flowers that today I now that I deserve. There are still barriers to surpass, but maturity and therapy will make me more gentle with myself.

May the 40s come in a very intense way because I'm definitely not just a regular person, and I'm not embarrassed or afraid of being myself. I'm not here to please or offend anyone but myself and I'm learning more and more to see the beauty that I have, and I care less with judgments and negative opinions. I'm embracing the wolf age because that's exactly how I feel when I think about this new age.

In this March 26 I just want to accept the old Lívias that are in the past and tell them that they made it, that everything worked just right, and the 50 years old Lívia will thank the amazing path that I'm starting to walk for her.

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