Homem preto confuso com interrogações sobre sua cabeça Confused black man with question marks over his head

I'd really like to understand people's minds. Maybe it's because I have this investigator journalist feeling and a certain taste to Psychology. Some people, however, intrigue me because they are good, living their lives, and suddenly, they turn their heads to you. Then you question yourself: oh my God, what did I do?
I swear that I'd like to know the reason of people being like this. I think it's how we interpret each other, the way humanity understand their realities. This must be the reason of us being in such a crazy world, because people can't stop for 5 minutes to try to understand reasons, realities, perceptions and experiences that the other one had.
Plus, it would be easier talking instead of being aggressive or disappearing. But no, people are coward to the point of vanishing and "letting it be". day human kind will learn how to coexist. I still believe that...

Confusion - text published in my old blog Blog da Lívia Lamblet

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