Mulher imersa na água Woman immersing the water

Shallow are those people who don't go deep inside the issues of existence. Deep people don't live by their means, they get in and give at least a chance for the signification and their own disquietude. People who live in the surface are molded and adaptive to society, leaving ... Read more

Changing and diving inside ourselves is extremely painful, but it sets us free. Understanding our own limits, discovering the reason why we can't surpass our walls, observing our light and dark sides reveals a strong desire of changing, improving and getting out of our comfort zone. This zone stops us from tracing a better path for our lives.

Each person has ghosts inside their souls, and the only person that can scare them away is itself. If we are not aware that we can tame our fears, there's no way of constructing a bridge between illusion and reality. Without it, there's no away one can be complete. We all want to have a fullness life: a full life, a full love, a full peace of mind. We all have inside the idea that there's something missing, but without immersing inside ourselves it gets impossible understanding what's missing inside each one of us.

When you meet someone it's essencial not judging the person based on a moment. Behind every minute there are decades of a story that need to be measured. A truly encounter is not based by chronological time, but a series of factors that culminate in the presence of each other. A story become alive through the veins of time, and it survives through the hope of keeping strong for their characters. If they are shallow and give up, everything will fall apart.

The insistence of those who are capable of deep diving - and understanding that there's much more in the depth than what the eyes are capable of seeing - operates miracles. That's the one who can transform, who can modifies and produces new things. Without people like that, maybe we would be still living in caves, just like Plato's beautiful allegory.

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