To the old version of me

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It's funny rereading my painful and full of anguish old texts and think that one day that one was me. I see the hurt words, so lost and confused and I see myself now as another person. Maybe, if I wasn't you before I wouldn't be here now. And you're the one that I say goodbye to.

I don't miss the goodbye that I say to you. You're the person that I needed to be so today, with my feet on the ground, I can look forward. Do you know the ties that I believed that I had? They were untied and the knots became tender and protection bonds; and all the voices that I wanted to shut now are just silence.

While I compose these words to you I need to look at who really matters in this worldL my daughter, who has a cold and is by my side. If there was any feeling that I thought that could be stronger than anything else, believe me, it's not even close of how much my little one means to me.

I learned, my old friend, to love beyond time, distance and space limits. I learned that love relationships are only important when there's caring and complicity. Nothing that you had before could be compared to what I have today. Nothing. The love that you have today is the same love you'll have tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and it's not finite like it used to be in your time. It's a love that is not urgent, it's just here, easy like a sunday morning, and peaceful like the rivers he takes care of.

I don't recognize myself in you anymore and I'm the best version on you. The white hair that are appearing don't scare me anymore, because now I'm sure I'm on my right path: I no longer need to ask.

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